Profit CORE™

The Plan:

Profit [prof-it] – the monetary surplus left to a producer or employer after deducting wages, rent, cost of raw materials, etc.”

The Profit CORETM program has a rifle-shot, bulls-eye purpose; to help a company understand the factors that affect profitability and to determine what a company needs to do to achieve and sustain profitability.  In brief, the Profit CORETM program helps a company to achieve a “monetary surplus” and starts with a comprehensive review of a company’s financial and business operations to determine:



The Timeline:
Assessment – On-site business review by the CORE Team.  Output – Assessment Report that provides a preliminary roadmap regarding financial strength, management/leadership concerns, operational constraints, and costing strategies.  

Cost Model Development - On-site development of a company-specific cost analysis and management tool over a designated time period.  Output – Use of accurate and clean financial and operational data to build an activity-based cost management picture of the company’s operations.

Cost Model Rollout – On-site implementation and verification of the developed cost analysis model, including training as required.  Output – CORE Team works directly with the company’s management team to train key personnel on the resulting costing model, provide hands-on assistance to implement the profitability model, and to provide the services required to integrate a profitability business strategy throughout the company’s business operations.

Maintenance – On-site checkups and model maintenance on a quarterly basis. Output – Assistance to the management team to ensure that the company’s profitability model remains current and accurate. During the maintenance phase, the CORE Team remains ready to provide on-going assistance and recommendations to address changes in the company’s business operations in conjunction with changes in market, services and customer issues

First Steps:
CORE Business Management Solutions is a business advisory firm.  We have worked with companies from a wide variety of industries to assist them in the cost management and profit enhancement strategies.  Contact us at 248-496-9844 for additional information or to schedule an on-site review.